We raise specialty vegetables and a wee bit of grain with an undying excitement for things that spring forth from the soil and an ever-deepening commitment to our customers and neighbors. We are fortunate to be surrounded by other farms and continue a tradition of agricultural production in Columbia County. We raise high-quality, nutritious food using biologically-driven systems that do not deplete the soil or pollute the water so that farmers can continue to grow here for generations to come.

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We grow vegetables for our Winter CSA, focusing on cold-hardy greens and storage crops. We also grow year-round for farmer's market and restaurants, with a particular passion for herbs and specialty greens. We work to build healthy soil that can grow  nutrient-dense crops, and rely on crop rotation, cover cropping, green manures and soil amendments to correct deficiencies and build long-term fertility.



We grow and harvest a small amount of heirloom grain in our vegetable rotation for milling and baking.



We are lucky to be leasing a beautiful and historic farm in Hudson, NY and are proud to continue a tradition of earnest agricultural work on this land.

The six-generation family farm was purchased in 1853, after the anti-rent wars made owning land possible for the early Palatines. The property was originally part of the Livingston Manor with a continuous history of being farmed both in field crops and fruit. In the 1950’s John R. Tinklepaugh built one of the first cold storage facilities in the county and pioneered early consumer packaging of apples in 6 and 12-pack cartons, which he dubbed the Tinklepak. The historic sign on the barn dates from this era.